Iran Adventure has been set up to take you to the heart of nature, to show you the beauty and mystery at the same time...



   Highlights of Iran:


1,300,000 historical and cultural sites

Country of four season

Great Bio-diversity

Wonderful Fauna and Flora: over 10000    species of plants, 500 of wild birds and 160 mammals

Unique Deserts

Wide range of temperature: -36�C in the north and +54�C in the south

Variety of rainfall: from 2000 mm in Gilan Province to close to zero in Kavir-e-Lut which is among the hottest and driest deserts in the world

Various extra ordinary landscapes including mountains, deserts, forests, lakes and wetlands, islands

Land of adventures

Amazing Villages

Lovely Nomads


to climb Damavand, the roof of Iran, 5671m, Alamkooh 4850m, forested slopes

with fine parapet for rock climbing� more

Desert Trekking

to visit sand dunes, beautiful sunrise and sunset in the desert, camping

under the blazing sky, camel riding... more

Wild Life

to discover the habitats of Asian Cheetah, Persian Wild Ass, Persian Fallow deer, Plesk's Ground jay, Houbara Bustard, Siberian Crane� more

Persian Gulf

wonderful coral reefs, wind erosions, Mangrove, forest, mud volcano, geological erosions, warm people� more

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